When a photographer is as enthusiastic as Kelli Brewer was when she submitted this engagement session with us, we knew we had to publish it.

I often tell couples to bring along any props or special items that they may want to shoot with, but I never imagined those props would be a FIRETRUCK and a huge tractor. Did I mention I got to ride in the Firetruck? Because I did, and it was AWESOME. It was great to get to know Crystal and John, their story, see where they come from and get even more excited about their wedding day. Sure, it was a bit of a drive but once you check out the backdrops for our session, you’d have done it in a heartbeat too!

Between the firetruck, the gorgeous farm shots with a quintessential red barn, and two adorable dogs, we’re in love with this one. Scroll down and enjoy!

Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography-002Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography-010

Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography-012Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography-011 Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography-001

Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography-003 Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography-004 Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography-005

Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography-016 Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography-006 Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography-007 Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography-015

Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography-008 Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography-017 Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography-009


Anyone who has shopped for a wedding gown knows that bridal salons stock dresses in sample sizes. Dresses are usually in a “bridal size” 8 or 10. Vanity sizing never hit the wedding gown industry, so these dresses usually correspond to smaller “street” sizes. If the sample is too large, you know you’ll be wearing a row of clips on the back of the gown to make it fit. If the sample is too small, you’ll be trying to envision yourself in a dress that isn’t even zipped or laced up. Making a decision about purchasing a gown in either situation can be nerve-racking.

Many salons are stocking larger samples these days, allowing women of all sizes to have that magical moment when they see themselves as a bride for the first time. One salon in our region is dedicated to giving curvy girls the full bridal salon experience and TLC has taken notice!

Curvy Girls TLC 1

Yukia Walker and Yuneisia Harris were inspired to open a specialty bridal salon after Yukia was disappointed with shopping for her wedding dress in 2008. With limited options available, Yukia wound up buying a dress that she didn’t feel comfortable in. The sisters realized that the DC region’s wedding gown options were lacking and Curvaceous Couture was born!

Curvy Girls TLC 3

Curvaceous Couture opened in Columbia, Maryland in 2010. Since then, Yukia and Yuneisia have made it their mission to help curvy brides look and feel amazing in the right dress for their figure on their special day. TLC’s new series about the salon is called Curvy Brides it premiers on May 1 at 9:30 pm.

Curvy Girls TLC 4

Now there’s a casting call for area brides who would be willing to have their Curvaceous Couture experience films for the Curvy Brides show. If you’re interested in being on the show, send your name, contract information, wedding date, dress size, and some photos to CurvyBridalShow@gmail.com. Don’t forget to watching Curvy Brides on May 1st!

Curvy Girls TLC 2


jen fariello charlottesville wedding photography
With the onslaught of wedding blogs, wedding magazines, Instagram hashtags… the chances that your wedding photos will be published or, at least, readily available for the world to see are high. Add that on top of the hope that your wedding portraits will be cherished images, treasured for eternity, and the fact that you probably aren’t a professional model… and you are undoubtably facing some pressure when your wedding photographer points his lens your way.

Fear not– wedding portraits should be FUN, not stressful! But if you do feel a bit of anxiety when thinking about the portrait portion of your wedding day, take a deep breath, channel your inner Next Top Model– and take note of these three tips:
jen fariello charlottesville wedding photography
1. Laugh. It’s so simple, but a laugh truly transforms your features and highlights your natural beauty… and if we had to guess, your partner probably LOVES your laugh. Capturing it in the moment is a special way to preserve your memories of the day! So if you’re feeling flustered by all the attention of the camera or your face is burning from smiling for hours, take a deep breath, think of the last time you genuinely laughed, and recapture that feeling. Or ask your photographer, groom, or maid of honor to tell you the cheesiest jokes during portrait time!
jen fariello charlottesville wedding photography
2. Don’t look into the camera. This might seem counterproductive– why would I look away when my photographer is taking a picture of me?– but trust us; some of the most stunning portraits capture a bride and groom wrapped up in the moment or distracted by something off screen. That pure gaze is sometimes more captivating than a “forced smile, intense eye contact” portrait.
jen fariello charlottesville wedding photography
3. Make time for photography. When you look at the traditional wedding day timeline, there’s usually somewhere between 30 – 45 minutes allotted for post-ceremony portraits. I’m going to be brutally honest… that’s not enough time if you’re hoping to make a bevy of diverse portraits. By the time you set up in one location, take a few shots, move on to another location, take a few shots, gather up the bridal party and family for those required shots… you are going way over your allotted time. Making portraits takes time, especially if you want to wander around the grounds of your reception site and take a picture in half a dozen locations. Photographers live for portraits– and if you cut down their time, you risk stifling spontaneous moments and unique photo opportunities. By carving out a good amount of time (which might mean you do a First Look instead of cramming all portraits in between ceremony and reception), you, your photographer, and your planner will feel so much more relaxed– meaning your portraits will be more relaxed! If you’re stressing about moving on to the next thing on the timeline, it will show in your face.
jen fariello charlottesville wedding photography
And if all else fails… just kiss! Kiss portraits might be the most beautiful images ever.

What are you most excited about for your wedding day? How do you want to maximize your photography time? What other questions do you have about wedding photography or wedding planning? If you’ve already tied the knot, do you have any portrait tips? 

all photos by Jen Fariello

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