A Day In the Life of Your Wedding Planner

So, you spent several thousand dollars on a wedding coordinator… but what is she really doing each day to prepare for your wedding? Let’s walk you through it… a day in the life of your planner!

*Names have been altered to protect the innocent.

6:00am: Alarm goes off, a blaring reminder of this afternoon’s DJ meeting.

6:45am: Hitting the gym for an early-morning workout- if our brides are getting in shape for wedding day, we should be too! (And maybe grabbing a rewarding Green Tea smoothie on the way home…)

9:00am: Skype call with August bride Megan* to discuss the choreography for the intro dance that she, her groom and the bridal party will be doing.

9:45am: Calls to four area hotels to lock down hotel blocks for Andrea’s September wedding. E-mailing Andrea with this information so she can add it to her wedding website. Printing off schedule for this afternoon’s rehearsal.

10:30am: Coffee meeting with A Pimento Catering for next weekend’s wedding for Sarah and James. Discussing venue layout, banquet timing and arrival information. Passing off the seating chart and discussing James’s father’s gluten allergy to verify that his plated meal will be adjusted.

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wedding catering

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11:30am: Sticking around at C’ville Coffee with laptop until lunch date. Final e-mails and calls to all vendors for tomorrow’s wedding for Joanna and Matt. Confirming all arrival times and details and walking through potential inclement weather logistics. Last minute call to Joanna to give her any reminders for tonight’s rehearsal. Talking to her a bit about the rain plan in case tomorrow’s weather doesn’t cooperate.

rain at Ash Lawn

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rainy wedding day

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sunset at Ash Lawn Highland

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1:00pm: Initial consultation lunch date with new prospective bride and groom, Jessica and Ryan. They are planning a beautiful at-home wedding for 2014. We talk through our services and their plans for the wedding.

2:15pm: Back home in time for a conference call with the mother of our May bride, Diane, regarding the etiquette and language for the invitations.

pretty wedding papers

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2:45pm: Meeting with DJ. Talking through a Do Not Play list, and getting recommendations for potential intro songs for Megan and Jeff.

3:30pm: Heading off to Keswick Vineyards for 4:30pm wedding rehearsal for Joanna and Matt. Checking in on tent and decoration set-up before family arrives to make sure everything is in place for tomorrow. Confirming that the bathrooms have been cleaned and that the air conditioning is working in the bridal suite, as it was broken last weekend.

4:30-5:30pm: Lead ceremony rehearsal. Pass out day-of schedules for family and bridal party and check in that all attire/accessories/details are set for tomorrow.

Wedding ceremony

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Wedding Ceremony

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6:00pm: Grab some takeout from Downtown Thai on the way home from the rehearsal.

7:30pm: Updating logistics document for tomorrow’s wedding. Uploading copies of all important documents and contracts onto iPad so they’re easily accessible on wedding day. Reading through all details to be sure they’re fresh in my mind, and double checking the rain plan, just in case.

10:30pm: Bedtime. Praying for good weather for Joanna and Matt!

bride & her maids

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