A Twist on Tradition [Part 2]

We’re all about breaking the mold! Here are some more ideas for making your wedding personal and anything-but-ordinary. And in case you missed it, check out Part 1!

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Favors: While some couples are choosing to ditch favors entirely, this can be a really fun place to show your unique style and interests. Instead of offering a physical object with your names on it, consider leaving a note regarding a donation to a charity in the name of your guests. If you assign seating, consider personalizing some of the gifts; one gift for your male guests, one for the ladies.

Bouquet Toss: Instead of calling out your single lady friends, or worse, having just one or two friends approach the dance floor, consider presenting your bouquet to a special guest… the couple who has been married the longest, an engaged friend, parents, a newlywed or someone celebrating an anniversary around the same time.


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Bridal Party Gifts: While a nice piece of jewelry or cufflinks is always appreciated by the members of the bridal party, this is a great place to stray from tradition. Personalize gifts by getting each member what you know they’d like best… a book for one, a golf club for another. These are the people who know and love you best; give them a gift you know they’ll love too!


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Toasts: These aren’t just for best men and maid-of-honors anymore. Consider switching it up; having a sibling or another close, well-spoken friend give a toast. Or, why not honor your guests by toasting them yourselves?

The Veil: Fashion has offered up so many hair accessories in recent years that a traditional veil isn’t always the route brides like to choose. Blushers are a fading style. Instead, consider a chic headband, fresh flowers, hair clips, or embrace the British fascinator trend.


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Ceremony Programs: Programs can be so fun for a number of reasons:

1) You can design them yourself to make them your own.

2) You can print them yourself to save some money.

3) You can add in some trivia about the two of you.

4) You can give shout outs to your family, bridal party, and anyone else!

Here are a couple of our favorites:


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