A Week in the Life of Your Floral Designers

In our very first post for the Charlottesville Wedding Blog, we briefly mentioned the the wedding vendor’s work week is a bit different from yours. Today, we’d like to share a little more detail about the week leading up to one of our couples’ weddings.

We are usually in touch with our couples and, if they have one, their planer in the months leading up to the wedding, but when the countdown begins, it’s time to finalize the plan. Two weeks before the wedding week, we confirm the numbers of arrangements and delivery details with our couples so we can place orders with our suppliers.

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One week later, on the Wednesday of the wedding week, flowers start arriving. We usually spend a full day processing and organizing the flowers. In the height of wedding season, we could be preparing for multiple weddings, so organization is key to making sure the rest of the week goes smoothly.

The Thursday before a Saturday wedding, we pull all of the containers we’ll be using for that weekend’s wedding. We can often work on arrangements that will be placed directly in water at this point, too.

People look forward to Fridays for different reasons. For most people, it’s the end of their week. For floral designers with a Saturday wedding, Friday is a very big day! This is when 90% of our work is done. We create large arrangements, corsages, boutonnieres, and we label everything so we are ready to make deliveries on the wedding morning.

We often get access to venues a day early so we can delivery large items. If a couple is using our handmade farm tables, pergola, or arbors, we try to set them up the day before the wedding. We’ve also become known for bringing trees into venues and we sometimes deliver those a day early.

The wedding morning is about finishing up our arrangements and double checking our lists. The bride’s bouquet is created and all of the bouquets are wrapped (you should see our ribbon library!). We load everything into our delivery vehicles in reverse order. If the couple’s ceremony and reception are in different locations, we split up to make deliveries.

We like to be on site 3-4 hours before the ceremony, but will sometimes arrive 5-6 hours in advance if there is a lot to set up. We are usually gone an hour before the ceremony begins. If the ceremony and reception are in different locations, the reception team may work while the ceremony is happening. Regardless, we are gone before any guest arrives. Most of our couples never see the full team that was involved in setting up their ceremony and reception spaces.

By the time our couples are married, we are gathering with our team for dinner. Early the next morning, our team returns to take everything away.

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