Ashley & Nick’s Romantic Boar’s Head Engagement Session by Limefish Studio

Is there anything more covetable in photography than that magic “golden hour”? You know, when the sun is on the verge of setting and everything is hued with an ethereal light that makes objects in front of a camera lens otherworldly… there might not be anything more beautiful than a portrait session during the Golden Hour! But while this engagement shoot by Limefish Studio perfectly captures that magical light, the real romance comes from this sweet couple and the incredible setting of Boar’s Head Inn. Take one part light, two parts love, and a Charlottesville setting, and you have perfection!

Ashley & Nick met online in 2012 and went on a 3 hour date that set the tone for the rest of their relationship. According to the couple, “They were inseparable until Ashley’s deployment in December, and she says,

I could not have asked for a more supportive and loving partner through the 5 months I was gone. I knew after making it through that, there was no chance I was ever letting Nick go!”┬áDuring a July vacation together, Nick put his proposal plans into action.

He arranged for her to have a pedicure and massage during the day (so sweet!), and then had a surprise dinner planned. Actually, he’d rented out the Rear Range Lighthouse in downtown Newburyport, MA for their private candlelit dinner! Later, from the top of the lighthouse, they enjoyed the sunset before Nick dropped to his knee and asked Ashley to be his wife! She admits, “in true girl style, became hysterical and said yes between sobs.”

Thanks Limefish Studio for sharing this session with us!

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