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Bride-BloggerMay I introduce our first bride blogger…

After 5 1/2 years of sharing the wonderful world of Charlottesville weddings here I am beyond thrilled to welcome our first BRIDE BLOGGER… Claire M. I met Claire (nice name, huh?) last month when she and her fiance (Mitch) and I met to talk about their 2014 wedding and somehow the conversation got around to writing and blogging and… before I knew it I had a new recruit…. er, I mean blogger.  I’m so happy to have Claire M. join us and, after years of vendor-focused blogging, to include a bride’s perspective. Look for Claire’s posts every month and please feel free to send along comments and messages… I’m sure Claire will enjoy hearing from you as she prepares for her big day! ~ Claire G.

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be a Bride Blogger for the Charlottesville Wedding Blog and share my experiences as I plan my upcoming nuptials. I recently got engaged to my boyfriend—and best friend—of five years, Mitch.


Mitch and I met while we lived in Boston, MA, and played on the same co-ed soccer team. Although we had a great time living in the “Bean”, we’ve just fallen in love with both Charlottesville and the beautiful surrounding area and really never stopped to consider any other location for our wedding. We’re just coming off the thrill of the engagement so we have not nailed down too many details yet, but have made three important decisions concerning our wedding: when it will happen (June 14, 2014),  where it will be (the incredibly beautiful Belle Haven) and who will be helping us plan (Meghan Streit of Shindig Events, who I hit it off right with off the bat and can honestly say is absolutely fantastic).

Anyone who has ever planned a wedding before can attest to the fact that it can be overwhelming and a bit stressful at times. But, they would also probably say that it is one of the most exciting, fun things you’ll ever do. I mean, you’re marrying the person you love most and planning the party of your dreams! What’s not to like, right? Mitch and I have had a blast so far learning about and meeting all of the wonderful vendors in the area—and there are indeed so many amazing ones!—and I can’t wait to share some of my experiences as I move forward with the wedding planning process. But before I do any of that, I should probably share some more about myself, what most/least excites me about the wedding planning process, and how and why Mitch and I came to decide on Charlottesville as the location for our June 2014 wedding.

About Me


  • I have an identical twin sister who lives in New York City. We try to visit each other as much as we can even though we live in different places. I was so happy that we were able to celebrate turning the big 3-0 together last November!
  • I love staying active! Running, swimming, and biking are a major part of my lifestyle. To date, I’ve run 5 marathons, in addition to running tons of other races, and have also completed a handful of triathlons including a half ironman
  • Mitch and I have  french bulldog named Sophie. We love her to death; she is the smushiest, funniest little dog! She will definitely be a part of our big day.
  • I really enjoy blogging about all of the fun things I’ve done in and around Charlottesville on my own personal blog, Let’s Go On A Living Spree

What Excites Me Most About The Wedding Planning Process

Oh gosh, what doesn’t excite me? I’m obviously over the moon about the fact that I get to marry Mitch and spend the rest of my life with my best friend. Aside from that, though, I’ve found just the initial stages of thinking about what we want in terms of the overall style of the wedding to be the most fun. I’ve been perusing all the wedding blogs, including the Charlottesville Wedding Blog, for ideas, and have recently created Pinterest and Lover.ly boards. I’ve found myself getting giddy over the thought of gorgeous floral blooms and dress shopping (and of course sharing my ideas with Meghan, our planner). I can’t wait to share the ideas I have with you all as our planning progresses!


What Is Most Daunting To Me About The Wedding Planning Proccess

Wedding planning requires a keen attention to detail and time management. Although Mitch and I will have a long engagement (~16 months) and our game plan is to front load a lot of the planning, the whole process is very overwhelming. It’s sort of akin to running a marathon. If, while you’re at the starting line, you think about how far 26.2 miles really is or the fact that you’ll be running for 3+ hours, you’ll undoubtedly psych yourself out. Taking it in small steps, mile-by-mile, that’s the best mindset. The wedding planning process is long and, yes, it can be grueling. Mitch and I anticipate some stressful moments and challenges, but we are optimistic that together with our planner Meghan we’ll enjoy most, if not all, of the process.

Why Charlottesville

Mitch and I both love the range of experiences that living in Charlottesville affords. We enjoy going out to dinner on the Downtown Mall and attending concerts and other community events with our friends. We also love escaping the city to hike and bike near Shenandoah National Park and visit all the local vineyards and breweries.


Mitch even proposed on my favorite running route out near White Hall, VA! We have developed so many ties to this funky little town and gorgeous surrounding area and so when the time came to decide where we wanted to get married, it was a no brainer.


I hope that by sharing some of my experiences here on CWB, I can inspire and help other brides (and grooms!)-to-be develop their own unique ideas and strategies for planning their big day!

Thanks in advance for reading, I can’t wait to get started :-)


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