Bride Online #1: Courtship Stories

Today I am happy to launch a new feature of the Charlottesville Wedding Blog:, I’m calling it “Bride Online” and it will include unique and high-quality resources for your wedding planning that I have discovered online. Up ’til now I’ve focused almost exclusively, with a few exceptions, on local (Charlottesville area) products and services but starting today I’ll be posting once or twice a week about products, services, blogs and tools that I’ve discovered online in hopes that you will find things that are not available locally that will make your wedding planning easier and more fun.

Don’t worry, the blog will stay primarily focused on Charlottesville weddings and wedding resources, but this just seems like a great time to broaden the scope a bit. Hope you enjoy my finds!

Courtship Stories

Courtship Stories is the business of Ellen Braunstein of Redlands, California. Through an interviewing process she helps a couple tell their unique courtship story and then, with photos added, has them professionally printed in a beautiful booklet for all your wedding guests to have and enjoy.

Ellen, who is a professional writer, helps get your story prepared for print. Then, based on your choices and specifications, she designs and lays out the book with the text you’ve developed together and photos you provide so that the finished product is truly beautiful… a unique and thoughtful memento for everyone who loves you to share in.

Her website and blog describe the process in greater detail and give you lots of samples to look at. I love this idea … everyone wants to know a couple’s story and, as Ellen says on her website, giving the gift of your story “connects your guests emotionally to the true significance of your day”.

Ellen’s service can also be used to create an anniversary memento or a tribute for someone at a significant birthday, on their retirement or for many other important life occasions.

I hope that you will enjoy learning about Courtship Stories and Ellen’s great work!

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