Crystal and John’s Firehouse Engagement Portraits

When a photographer is as enthusiastic as Kelli Brewer was when she submitted this engagement session with us, we knew we had to publish it.

I often tell couples to bring along any props or special items that they may want to shoot with, but I never imagined those props would be a FIRETRUCK and a huge tractor. Did I mention I got to ride in the Firetruck? Because I did, and it was AWESOME. It was great to get to know Crystal and John, their story, see where they come from and get even more excited about their wedding day. Sure, it was a bit of a drive but once you check out the backdrops for our session, you’d have done it in a heartbeat too!

Between the firetruck, the gorgeous farm shots with a quintessential red barn, and two adorable dogs, we’re in love with this one. Scroll down and enjoy!

Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography-002Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography-010

Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography-012Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography-011 Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography-001

Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography-003 Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography-004 Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography-005

Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography-016 Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography-006 Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography-007 Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography-015

Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography-008 Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography-017 Charlottesville_Wedding_Blog_Kelli_Brewer_Photography-009

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