Goodbye Google Reader

Do you use Google Reader to follow your favorite wedding blogs?  In case you haven’t already heard, it’s going away as of July 1st!  Here are a few articles on the subject if you’re interested:

RIP: Google Reader Meets It’s Inevitable End (Wired)
Google To Kill Google Reader (Mashable)
How To Download Google Reader Data (Google)

Don’t worry! There are many other options out there for following your favorites (including us!)  There has been lots of chatter this morning on Facebook & Twitter about what people are planning to do now that Google Reader isn’t an option.  Here are a few ideas that some local wedding professionals shared.  I am not too familiar with all of them (yet!) but they seem like great options to consider.  Do you have a favorite reader?  We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Bloglovin' (www.bloglovin.com)

Bloglovin’ (www.bloglovin.com)

Feedly (www.feedly.com

Feedly (www.feedly.com)

The Old Reader (www.theoldreader.com)

The Old Reader (www.theoldreader.com)

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