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Bride-BloggerSo much has happened since my last post, where I waxed poetic about our beloved  venue, Belle Haven. Together Mitch and I have moved and started new jobs. And along the way, we’ve somehow still found time to check things off our wedding to-do list and are inching ever closer to our wedding date (June 2014). We are in what I like to call the “middle months”;  all of the big planning in terms of booking the vendors is complete but the smaller details that must come together to make a wedding, well, a wedding, lie ahead. That doesn’t mean, though, that Mitch and I haven’t been busy with some really fun wedding-related activities.

With his background in architecture and graphic design, Mitch and I have decided that he will design all of our papers. He has been hard at work on some drafts and images.


We also did the one thing I had been looking forward to. No, it wasn’t buy a dress (although I did do that, more in the next post!), but have a food tasting with The Catering Outfit. What can I say about Walter and his team? They definitely know their food and Mitch and I are thrilled to have them join our dream team of vendors and cater our wedding. As a runner, I am always seemingly hungry and have been told by family and friends, and even Mitch himself, that I am a big eater.


So you can imagine my delight when we sat down with Sarah and Walter for our initial meeting and they were totally game for the vision we had. They even went so far as to order monkfish, my absolutely favorite entrée, for our tasting.


And it did not disappoint! So buttery and juicy, exactly what I wanted for one of our entrées. The rest of the food was spot on too, exactly the vision we had articulated to Walter and his team during our initial visit: a farm-to-table seasonal feel with some unexpected surprises like monkfish.


Mini pies, I was in heaven!


Overall, Mitch and I were blown away by the exceptional quality, flavor, and creativity–not to mention the just the friendly conversation–at The Catering Outfit. There are many, many reasons why I feel I can’t wait for my wedding day to arrive and, sorry Mitch, eating the food has moved high up on the list 😉

Speaking of food, my future mother-in-law has been busy preparing a sampler of homemade jellies for us to taste and decide on. Mitch grew up on a farm in rural West Virginia and his mother has canned vegetables and made jams and butters for many many years. We wanted to tie in his West Virginia farm roots in some way and we’re excited that we can provide our guests with a taste of something homemade!



They are all so good, it will certainly be tough to decide!

Mitch and I have some fun rehearsal dinner planning and invitation decisions to make in the near future so I can’t wait share more of our planning experiences as we move through these “middle months”. Stay tuned!

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