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Lavender Pink Lemonade Wedding Favors, Favor Bar, Celebrating Everyday Life

Planning your wedding is fun and stressful and often planning your wedding favors comes late in the process when your time, energy and dollars have all been stretched pretty thin…. Well, if you are having a summer wedding and looking for a simple but sweet favor idea, I hope you will consider these DIY Lavender Pink Lemonade Sacks. These little treats can be pre-packaged for guests or you can let them in on the fun (and you out of some advanced labor, you’ve got enough on your to-do list after all!) and let guests fill their own sacks. Best of all, the simple ingredients can be bought in bulk saving you money and yet, your guests will be delighted and not feel like you skimped – a win-win!

Lavender Pink Lemonade Wedding Favors, Favor Bar, Celebrating Everyday LifeAll you need are a couple of pails, one for the food-grade Lavender buds and another for the Pink Lemonade mix, a couple of scoops and some paper sacks. I found my lavender on Amazon but Whole Foods or similar stores may carry it as well.

Lavender Pink Lemonade Wedding Favors, Favor Bar, Celebrating Everyday LifeYou can keep the bags plain or embellish them as I did. I can’t seem to help myself from adding a bit of sweetness to plain bags! On mine I applied a piece of yellow dotted washi tape (from Target) along the bottom edge. Next, I trimmed the top opening of the bag with a Martha Stewart Craft border punch then folded the edge over and used a plain hole punch to add two holes which I threaded a bit of ribbon (from May Arts) through for a bit of extra color. A plain piece of pink paper cut with a scalloped hole punch acts as a label while also adding a final flourish. Of course, you can order fancy stickers but sometimes I think a hand-written label adds a bit of personality and homemade charm.

Since tastes vary, you can let guests use their judgement on how much of each ingredient they’d like to have.

It’s hard to believe that such a cute favor could be so easy and inexpensive – now that’s something to celebrate!

Happy Celebrating!

Jennifer Carroll, Celebrating Everyday Life blog

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