The Killer “B” Word….

What is your Budget? Oftentimes, meetings with your wedding vendors may include a question regarding how much you want to spend on a certain item. Despite what the wedding mags may tell you, this is not done by professionals to try and get to the top of your budget for the good or service you are purchasing. A professional and reputable wedding vendor will let you know if they are out of your budget, or they will describe to you what you can get for that range, as well as offer ideas on what you would get additionally if you went a little higher.

For example, if a bride comes to a cake vendor and says that her budget for a 100 person wedding is $800.00, and the vendor has a $5.00/serving minimum, the vendor knows that they can not only do a standard cake, but they may also be able to do much more. It does not mean, that they will automatically raise the price of their standard cake in order to just make more money.

A budget is not a bad word…everyone HAS to have one when planning a wedding. And it helps your vendors tailor your wedding towards your tastes AND what you are willing to spend. Also, a vendor who knows your budget can offer suggestions to reduce some of the cost, while still achieving a similar look that you have in mind.

For example, I met with a bride who wanted a cascade of gumpaste flowers. Creating many gumpaste flowers was proving to be too expensive, so we were able to get a similar effect by doing a beautiful cascade using fresh flowers from the brides florist, Beehive Events. The result was a stunning cake that was within budget.

Maliha Creations


strini cake

Sometimes, the budget for dessert cannot accommodate an entire wedding cake…in these instances, we can do wedding cupcakes with a cake topper to provide the look of a very luxe wedding dessert with a fraction of the cost. Had I not been aware of the brides budget, she may have thought that there was nothing I could offer her.


Photo Credit: Holland Photo Arts

Sometimes, it is just a matter of simply re-working a design. I often get requests for sculpted groom’s cakes with a sports theme, such as this cake…

sports cakes

Photo Credit: Leigh Webber

By incorporating a sports theme into these simpler round cakes, we were able to reduce the cost of the cake, include two of the grooms favorite teams, and still surprise the groom with a completely custom cake!

In the end, trustworthy wedding vendors do want your business. They also want you to be more than satisfied with their services. By working together, within your budget, your wedding can be spectacular!

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