Three Tips for Including Children in Weddings

Including children in a wedding can be delightful for everyone in attendance. They’re cute and often get a laugh or two at some point on the big day. Of course, one of the reasons they are such wonderful additions to the wedding party is that they can be a bit unpredictable. We have a few tips for those planning to include little ones in their wedding so that unpredictability remains a fun element and not a stressful one for the bride and groom.

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1. Give children a role appropriate for their age and personality

Most people assume that having children in the wedding party means they’ll act as ring bearers and flower girls. While that’s very common, some children might feel more comfortable in another role. If being the center of attention isn’t their thing, consider letting the special children in your life have a different sort of job during portrait time like Jen Fariello’s bride did in the image below.

2. Make children feel special

A beautiful detail just for the little ones can convey to them how special they are. We love making pretty floral wreaths for flower girls to wear in their hair so they will still have some flowers after they’ve dropped their petals in the aisle. Little boys often love wearing boutonnieres like the groomsmen. These can be keepsakes that will remind children of the role they played long after the day is over.
3. Let kids be kids

The best laid plans sometimes don’t work out. It might be impossible to get energetic little boys to focus on your photographer’s camera or an excited flower girl might rush down the aisle when all eyes are on her. Try to enjoy children being children.  You might even set up some activities or games to encourage them to feel at ease. Don’t hesitate to ask your vendors about what they might be able to do for the little ones on your big day. For example, while a children’s table might not be the best place for an elaborate flower arrangement, some petals or a few simple blooms can make that table seem special.

Bonus Tip: Did you notice that most of the children in the images above are in pairs? Sometimes being part of a team is a little easier for them, especially if there’s an older child to take a young one’s hand and help them along.

If you’ve been wavering about including children in your wedding, we hope our advice helps you make them part of your big day. Happy planning!


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