Yes, the Cicadas are Coming to Central Virginia!


Illustration by Tamara Shopsin at bloomberg.org

Ok, so there has been a lot of speculation about how the coming cicada emergence might affect weddings here in the Charlottesville area this Spring.  I’ve been wondering myself… so, I did a little research and found quite a bit of good information. Here’s what’s going to happen: once the soil temperature 8 inches below the surface reaches 64 degrees, the larval cicadas that have been waiting 17 years to crawl up into the sunlight will begin to emerge.

Just this past Friday there was an article at Bloomberg that addressed this issue directly: Cicadas the Wedding Crashers Who Can Jitterbug It’s true that they are coming and they are loud and odd-looking. They are, however, harmless. They don’t sting or bite… but the article says there will be, literally, billions of them and their cumulative call can reach 100 decibels… that’s loud!

image by Bundschuh from businessinsider.com

image by Bundschuh from businessinsider.com

I also found this site Cicada Mania (with a Cicada Wedding Planner)… ha! There are some great tips on wedding-related do’s and don’ts here plus a video you may or may not want to watch… and, if you really need more, here are 2 more articles to peruse: The 17-Year Cicadas are Coming and Swarmageddon: Northeast braces for 17-year cicadas.

My two cents on this subject is there is nothing, really nothing, you can do about it so… bring inside what you are able to bring inside, crank up the volume and have fun. Your saving grace will be a good sense of humor.

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